Home Office – Work From Home on the Mid North Coast

Tired of Long Hours in the Office?

Need to Work from Home?

Set up that spare room into a small office/study and enjoy the feel of your home but still keep the productivity up.

Setting up a home office can be very rewarding and beneficial-

Less distractions increasing productivity.

Flexible working hours, more family time.

Less stressful in a quieter atmosphere.

Time friendly for working with clients abroad.

Environmentally friendly,

Saving the commute to and from work, limiting the wear and tear on your vehicle, lessening fuel costs.

Why not look into the possibilities of this set up……. contact us now for a no obligation free quote.

Need a design or an idea on how to move forward? Contact us at sales@mncof.com.au or Phone on 0432 099 799 No Obligation

We just offer plain service !! and Office Furniture at the right price.